A Collection of Useful Gaming Knowledge and Useless Trivia

Playstation Game Shark Amateur Codes Yeah, we've got infinite life codes for you wussies, but we've also got move swapping, levitation, fun with fireballs, and much more.
SNES Game Genie Amateur Codes If infinite lives codes are starting to bore you, how about random teleportation and wierd weaponry? Game Genie users have found these and many more effects Galoob never dreamed of.
NES Game Genie Amateur Codes The original list of codes too bizarre to be from Galoob. Swim through the air with the greatest of ease, explore strange and garbled new worlds, and much more wierdness.
Genesis Game Genie Amateur Codes Still more impossible feats including Sonic's super air dash and one-hit kills in Altered Beast. All from amateur authors!
Solder-Free Repairs Stop making repairmen rich for simple fixes you can do yourself! These repairs require zero technical knowledge and the risk to your equipment is minimal.
SNES Demos Page Everything you could ever want to know about amateur programs. A must for emulator and backup unit users.
Game Quotes Guess it loses something in the translation... The wildest, worst, and wierdest quotes in gaming history. Care to contribute?
Rygar Guide The NES version is a classic but it can be decidedly hard to figure out. This simple guide coves all the items, menus, areas, and bosses, everything you'll need to beat the game.


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