Your Only Hope of Escape

Video Game Links

Archaic Ruins A great reference for any emulator user.
Game Online The online version of import gaming prozine Game On! USA.
Relief Goddess Org Shidoshi's server houses several cool sites, including game artwork galleries.
tsr's NES Archive A big collection of NES cheats and manuals, and a museum of oddities like multigame carts and pirate Famicoms. Very cool.
Maktos Translations This site has translations of Japanese game manuals, Web pages, and even Usenet posts. Twilight Zone Inc. Reviews of console game hacks and rare games - find out which patches are worth your time.
Game Sages This site handles cheats for all console systems. A very large archive. Game Sages' sister site houses a comprehensive archive of game FAQs and walkthroughs.
Datel Electronics Hacked codes for the PAR/Game Shark. Read about Pro Comms Link - a must for any hacker. MCM Electronics These folks sell replacement NES 72-pin contacts, for those who can't get theirs clean.

Entertaining Links

The Spanky Avenger's Alley Decker's site houses one of the largest animated GIF collections on the Web.
Sdrawkcab View any site (including this one) with all the text backwards. It may sound dumb but try it and you'll be hooked.
Dave Barry at the Miami Herald If you missed last week's column from America's greatest humorist, you can find all his articles from the past few months here.
The Anime Archive A huge collection of images from every anime series imaginable, indexed with thumbnails. A must-see.

Useful Links The Mother of All Search Engines lets you simultaneously search Excite, Alta Vista, and several other engines with one entry.
ZDNet's Shareware Library Thousands of shareware programs to download. Most are crap but the descriptions and reviews might help you find some gems.
Deja News An archive of all newsgroup postings from the past few months, fairly easy to search. Far more useful than your news browser.


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