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The Adventures of
Ice Mario
Rage Games' own hack for Super Mario Bros. turns the traditional Fire Mario into Ice Mario. This group effort features not only pallette and graphic edits but assembly-level hacking as well.
Ganon's Revenge Our hack for The Legend of Zelda drastically changes the overworld map, as well as the story.
Mushroom Dreams RG's hack for Super Mario Bros. lets you play as a Little Goomba or a Koopa Troopa, among - ahem - other changes.
The Molblin's Tale And for more unlikely heroes, check out our hack for Zelda using Nesticle. This lets you play as a Molblin.


Game Hackers' Database Want to build a level editor or hack a game's text but don't know where the data you need is? Your answers may be here. Submissions welcome!
Hacking Emulator Save States This guide tells you all you need to know about editing emulator state files. A great start for beginning hackers.
Rygar Improvement Guide RG assisted in the development of this level editor, so who better to bring you a guide to its use? Grab the editor and our demo level here, too!
Zelda Improvement Guide RG's guide has more info on this Zelda overworld editor than its official homepage.
SNES Demos Info Everything you could ever want to know about amateur programs. A must for emulator and backup unit users.


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Console Demos Graphic demos and games by amateur authors. Run them on your emulator or on the console itself with a backup unit.
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