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15-Puzzle SNES A simple slide-puzzle game with a nice graphic.
1st Drop SNES This demo features some cool scrollers and an interactive fractal generator.
Anthrox Xmas
'94 Demo
SNES Probably the best demo in existence for SNES. Legthy, good music, nice effects.
NESQuik SNES A very nice demo with good artwork and cool effects.
Nuke Your Mom SNES A minesweeper game of decent quality, kinda fun.
Nithman's Puzzle Game Boy A simple 15-tile slide puzzle. Decent quality.
Okie-Doke Atari 2600 A decent if somewhat simplistic puzzle game based on the Life computer simulation.
Oystron Atari 2600 A complex shooter with very nice graphics. Blows away many professional efforts.
Pac-Man SNES An amateur clone of Pac-Man for the SNES. Passable gameplay and graphics, and music ripped from James Pond.
Shoot Your Load SNES The best way to have fun at a party. Anthrox's competitive Asteroids clone has marvelous graphics, decent gameplay, and support for up to four players.
Tic-Tac-Toe SNES The best Tic-Tac-Toe game available for any console, with nice music and three levels of difficulty. (Man, that expert mode is tough!)
Yar's Revenge Game Boy A decent version of the 2600 classic. Almost as good as a professional game.


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