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The Adventures of
Ice Mario
Super Mario Bros. - NES RG's own hack for Super Mario Bros. turns the traditional Fire Mario into Ice Mario. This group effort features not only pallette and graphic edits but assembly-level hacking as well.
Final Fantasy Remix Final Fantasy - NES A graphic hack that replaces the old classes with characters from other Square games - Aeris, Mog, Crono, Rydia, and more. Not bad.
Final Fantasy 5e Final Fantasy 5 - SNES This flawless translation by RPGe covers everything - menus, story, spells, you name it. Square truly could not have done it better.
Ganon's Revenge The Legend of Zelda - NES Rage Games' own Zelda Improvement edit completely changes the face of Hyrule. The scenery is cooler and the game is much tougher.
The Molblin's Tale The Legend of Zelda - NES And for more unlikely heroes, check out our hack for Zelda using Nesticle. This lets you play as a Molblin.
Zelda- The Search For Link The Legend of Zelda - NES A decent hack that replaces Link with Mario and extensively changes other game graphics.
Mushroom Dreams Super Mario Bros. - NES RG's hack for Super Mario Bros. lets you play as a Little Goomba or a Koopa Troopa, among - ahem - other changes.
Super Mario 4 Super Mario Bros. - NES Harmony7's excellent graphic hack takes graphics from SMB3 and Super Mario World and adds many of his own.


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