Game Genie Codes - Genesis

ATCB-0A3C No period of invincibility after hit
ATCB-0A3E One hit is fatal
All codes from Jay McGavren
Altered Beast
DCXA-AA22 Master code
PA5T-BJT2 Become giant on first power ball
PE5T-BNT2 Never power up
PA5T-BTT2 Megatiger
PA5T-BYT2 Megabear
PA5T-B2T2 Megadragon
PN5T-BNT2 Megawolf
PA5T-BNV0 Wolf's charge goes into ground; costs 1 life
PA5T-BNVY Grab powerup to become intangible
HTWT-B6KJ Enemies nearly invincible with level 1 power
HTWT-B6KL Enemies invincible
HTWT-B6KW Kill enemies in 1 hit
FTWT-AA5N Altered Beasts' special attacks go through enemies
FT5T-AA54 Wolf's charge to right stationary
FT5T-AA5G Wolf's charge to left stationary
FT5T-AA54 Wolf's charge to right doesn't end when you hit a wall
FT9T-AA5L Player 2 almost invisible
FTWT-AA5J Attacks hit all enemies on screen after first powerup
FTWT-AA7T Intangibility / invincibility- switch effects off if you need to attack an enemy (unless you have powered up at least once) or to collect a power orb
All codes from Jay McGavren
Castle of Illusion-Starring Mickey Mouse
SAGA-BYWT Items worth nothing
SAGA-BYW0 Collecting items hurts you
SAGA-BYWL Items worth 1,000 points each but don't add to item total
SAGA BYWE Item bags hurt you
SC6A-AY0Y Can't throw items
E5EA-AAGT Short jump
E5EA-AAGL No jump
SC8A-AY1Y Always off balance
All codes from Jay McGavren
Contra Hard Corps
TTHA-AA22 Slow motion; turn effects off occasionally to avoid graphic glitches
All codes from Jay McGavren
KKNA-AANN No enemies; turn effects off when approaching bosses to clear level
KKAA-AAEE Ship's shots wrap around to back of screen
KKAA-AAFW Only ship fires
KKAA-AAE8 Only TOZ fires
All codes from Jay McGavren
Gunstar Heroes
ADTT-CAF6 Start with no weapon
All codes from Jay McGavren
Mortal Kombat
BWXA-AC32 Sub-Zero is solid grey
4WXA-AC32 Sub Zero changes to other characters after sliding
CJ1A-AA22 Black background
BBCA-AAZ6 Small characters
AZRT-AEYW Player 1 always wins
AKRT-AEYW Player 2 always wins
AVRT-AEYW If player 1 loses round ends in draw
AZRT-AEYR If player 2 loses round ends in draw
1KRT-A0Y6 Every round ends in draw
1KCT-A00Y Shadows only
1KCT-A06T Fighters invisible
8XCT-A06W Switch effects on to pause game
1WCT-A06W Scorpion's harpoon doesn't stun opponent
G4RT-AEYW No delay between projectiles
5XCT-AE9W Low jumps
A4RT-AEYW Game pauses briefly after throwing a projectile
BYVT-A0DT No rapid punches or special moves
All codes from unknown authors
KKTA-AAAA Level 2 or 3 flame weapon hits all enemies onscreen
KKNA-AANW Main cannon fires slower
KKNA-AANN Main cannon fires faster
All codes from Jay McGavren
Sonic the Hedgehog
ATBT-AA32 Master Code - must be entered
AEOT-CABA When invincibility runs out, some items disappear, and some (like 1ups) reappear
AEOT-CAB2 Running shoes have no immediate effect, but they increase your max run speed for the rest of the round
9DLT-AAGL Black hole gravity
ADLT-AAGL Zero gravity
SCRA-BJXW Collect a ring, and your total won't stop rising
SCRA-BJXT Bounce off rings
SCRA-BJXL Touching ring freezes it
SCRA-BJXY When you collect rings, they are replaced by solid ones you can stand on
SCRA-BJX2 Maximum rings collected except from monitors is 10
SCRA-BJX4 Game freezes with every ring collected, press C to resume play
GJ6A-CA6A Simply disappear when you die
GJ6A-CA6J Trampoline under Sonic - wait after dying
GJ6A-CA6N High jump when you die
DDLT-AAGG Jump down through floors, turn effects off for normal jump
AEMT-BJB0 Secret code - scenery glitched, but all hidden items and breakable walls visible
AE3T-CABG Can't quite reach level end
AE3T-CABJ Warp past level clear sign- collect bonus points then turn effects off and go back for it
AE3T-CABN Completeing level kills you
AE6T-CABY Stay standing in S-curve tunnels; can't run through loops
AE0A-CABY Sonic is slow to reach full speed
960A-CABY Reach full speed instantly (may want to use AE6T-CABY to help get through S-curves)
AA0A-CAB4 No brakes
960A-CAB4 Stop on a dime
960A-CABR Slow Sonic
960A-C6BR Higher top speed
FJ0A-C6BJ Invisibility
GJBA-AA4G Jump to end sequence
AALT-AAGL Invisible rings
ZF3T-BBDG All bridges gone
Ending code from unknown author
Invisible rings code from segasonic9
Bridges gone code from unununnium
All other codes from Jay McGavren
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
ROTA-DERP Invisible/Invincible
GJ8A-AA4G View end sequence
2LTA-CA9A No spin attack
ALTA-D53G Go straight to the end of the level
ALTA-DVGY Sonic is invisible
APVT-CAE2 High jump
9AST-DAIA Collect 1 ring, get lots of points and lives (don't hit monitiors)
3LTA-CA9A Invisibility; speed shoes and invincibility permanent
YOTA-DERN Hover after hit
ROTA-DE8N Invincibility
ATTT-CE4Y Big ring increase when hit
ATTT-CA3Y Lost rings bounce vertically
ATTT-CA3W Lost rings drop straight down
AEMA-AACW Round restarts when beat
2VAT-BCRT Start with time on clock
KBVT-DAE2 Shoot down ramps and through floors
Invisible/invincible and ending codes from unknown authors
All other codes from Jay McGavren
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
AWHA-CA94 Big ring increase when hit
AWHA-CA9J Only one ring flies off when hit
AWHA-C29E Rings fly horizontally
AWHA-C29A Rings fly vertically (easier to recover)
ATST-CJ34 Drown in air, breathe in water
SCGT-DJY2 First ring always worth extra life
AW5A-CA96 First 10-ring monitor worth extra life
AW4A-CA92 Nothing in monitors, walk right through them
AW4A-CA9Y Can't break monitors
KR5T-CAEC Can't attack with flame shield
AJYT-CA8R Bubble shield doesn't bounce
KR5T-CAD8 Can't pick up flame shield
AW5A-CAPJ Can't pick up energy shield
AL4T-DJZ0 Being airlifted by Tails warps you back to the location of the first monitor broken
ALST-DJZ0 Elevators teleport you after coming to a stop
ACAA-CAHN All scenery is glitched, but hidden items are highly visible
AJFA-CA8N Jump down through floor - turn effects off for normal jump
TAAA-CRB6 Can't run up steeply curved ramps
ATAT-CA38 Can't run down steeply curved ramps
ATZT-CA36 Can't spin dash - always jump when ducking
ATZT-CA30 Instant spin dash - duck and release or continue to charge up if needed
AT4T-CA38 Spin while running
ATFT-CA38 Portions of flat surfaces act as if slanted
AW4A-CA9A Enemies, moving platforms, etc. appear and disappear
AW4A-CA84 Walk through monitors from either side - allows easy access to some secret passages
AW4A-DY6T Many items in monitors replaced by Robotnik icons
AW4A-DT6T Monitor items shuffled
AW4A-CG5Y All monitors broken
AW4A-CR50 All monitors restored when you walk offscreen
AW4A-CR4Y Monitors invisible
A05A-CAN0 Monitors have random side effects like speed shoes and 1ups; some freeze the game
All codes from Jay McGavren
Sonic and Knuckles
AWXT-CA5G Lost rings can't be recovered
AANT-CAH6 Effects of spin slash (invincibility, pass through spikes) last for duration of jump
BANT-CAJ6 Multi-directional super jump - double jump and hold D pad to launch in that direction
AART-AA6E Player randomly warps around level
All codes from Jay McGavren
Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition
BLAT-AA3R Master code - must be entered
ANJT-AA6N Throws do no damage
ANJT-AEN0 Throws do high damage
ANHT-AEN0 No throws
ANET-AAW4 Normal moves do no damage
AAEA-AAAG No projectiles
KTET-AAAY No foot sweeps
AAEA-AAAC No blocking
AEGA-AAB8 Only computer-controlled characters can do special moves
FWPA-AAHW Computer-controlled opponents start with zero HP
AEGA-AADA Do special moves in the midst of any other move
All codes from Jay McGavren
Streets of Rage
AT0A-AADN Throw any enemy and all the others will fall
AT0A-AAD4 Automatic throws
All codes from Jay McGavren
Super Street Fighter II
M27T-AA86 Master code - must be entered
TTGA-AAGA Player 1 automatically gets first attack bonus
TTGA-AAFY Player 2 automatically gets first attack bonus
TTGA-AAF6 Player 2 KOs in 1 hit with automatic first attack bonus for Player 1
All codes from Jay McGavren
Thunder Force III
KKBT-AALW Shots pass through enemies
KKBT-AANA Random armor strength for enemies
KKBT-AAMN Destroy any enemy in one hit; avoid explosions some leave behind
All codes from Jay McGavren
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