System: NES


Game Type: Overhead view shooter
12 intense stages of top-notch top-down shooter with lots of powerups.

Gameplay: 95/100
I like Space Megaforce and Raiden Project well enough, but this is the shooter I play when I'm looking for a rush. The ground speeds by at an incredible pace. Every screen is laden with enemies and bullets coming at you from all directions. And you can open the can-o-whupass on all those enemies with eight of the coolest weapons ever seen in a shooter. (Powerups abound as well.)

Graphics: 80/100
The graphics aren't especially complex; most enemies are re-used at random throughout the game, and the bosses are all just different arrangements of turrets. But they get the job done quite well. Bullets and enemies are highly visible against the backgrounds, which aids in dodging them (you'll need all the help you can get). The explosions are well animated, and the weapons look mighty impressive when fully powered up.

Sound: 80/100
The sound effects are just average, but the tunes are extremely catchy. (I've been caught whistling them before.) Too bad there are so few of them; they repeat every few rounds.

Overall: 95/100
Not sure if this is my favorite NES game or not but it comes darn close. It's definitely the best NES shooter and my third (second?) favorite shooter of all time. Highly addictive. Pick it up at a pawn shop somewhere. For 5 to 10 dollars you'll have a shooter better than many of those you paid 60 bucks for.


Sound Test
At any time hold A and B and press Reset.
Alternate Ship
At the main menu hold A and B and press Start.
Stage Select
Press Reset 13 times. At the main menu press L or R to select a stage.


Copyright © 1997/1998 Jay McGavren. All Rights Reserved.