System: Playstation


Does a racing game have to feature hovercars for me to really like it? Apparently so, because I haven't enjoyed a racer this much since F-Zero.

I think a lot of the negative Wipeout reviews circulating the Net are from those who didn't give themselves a chance to get used to the control. It is decidedly loose, so much so that you need to begin steering left or right well before a turn to avoid the wall. Skillful use of the airbrakes is a must as well. A few have even said the weapons are difficult to use, but again it's a matter of taking time to learn how to use them effectively. A rocket fired down a straightaway can't miss, but to hit an opponent rounding a curve you want the homing missiles.

The game isn't wildly impressive graphically, but the tracks do look nice, and popup is kept to a bare minimum. Sound is realistic to the point where it can be used as a tool to determine where your opponents (and their weapons) are. The music is excellent techno (stored as music tracks, so it can be played from the CD player).

My only real complaint is that there are only 6 tracks (seven counting the hidden one). Still, the game itself is playable enough that I'm happy trying to beat my best times on the existing ones.


Access Hidden Track
Highlight "One Player" at the main menu. Hold L1, R1, Start, S, C, and Right and press X.
Aceess Rapier Class
Highlight "One Player" at the main menu. Hold L2, R2, Start, Select, and Left and press X.
Turbo Start
If the engine power meter is on the second line from the end when the race begins, you will start at maximum speed.


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