Tetris Attack

System: SNES


Game Type: Puzzle
Definitely not a Tetris game. Sure, if the screen fills you lose, but that's where the similarity ends. You move a cursor that highlights two blocks at a time freely around the screen. Hit the button to make the two highlighted blocks swap places. Line up three of the same color vertically or horizontally to make them disappear. Several play modes are available for one or two players.

Gameplay: 95/100
Budding game developers will be studying this game for years to come. It is simply as close to perfection as gameplay design gets. The basic concept alone is great. It's one of the few puzzle games that lets you manipulate blocks that are already on the screen. Once a piece is placed you're not stuck with it; you can go back and correct your mistakes. But there are other puzzle games with a great basic concept collecting dust on peoples' shelves. That's why the designers went on to add all the little nuances that make a truly great game.
The whole game is designed to let players build really long chain reactions to drop garbage blocks on your opponent. You can line up the second match in a chain even while the first is being cleared from the screen. Garbage blocks can form chains when they turn into normal blocks. You can also hit your opponent by getting two matches with one swap. A skilled player can fill his opponent's screen in a matter of seconds. The forgiving chain system allows for incredible stunts, which is the main reason this game is so addictive.

Graphics: 80/100
There are no eye-popping special effects (it's a puzzle game, fer cryin' out loud!) but the colorful look is great if you don't mind the cutesy atmosphere. Hey, it'll get your girlfriend to play. You choose any of eight characters (twelve with a code), each with their own backgrounds. (I was peeved to learn that Yoshi and his goons were only used for the American version, and that the Japanese one had anime chicks.)

Sound: 80/100
Each character has his own music and sound effects. Some tunes are great, others poor. Again, not bad if you don't mind cute.

Overall: 95/100
Bow and worship this game. If it weren't for the cute look it would probably be my favorite game of all time. (In fact it might be anyway, but I need another year of playing it to make a big decision like that.) In a perfect world it would be available on every platform, but for now it's exclusive to SNES and Gameboy. I don't think I've ever played anything this addictive. Rent this game and have some friends over and I guarantee each of you will go out an purchase his own copy the next day. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you check this game out!


High Speed Mode
When the "Nintendo!" voice sample plays before the title screen, quickly press B, A, L, L. With this code the blocks will not stop rising when you get a chain or combo.
Play as Bosses
At the 2 player mode character select screen, press L and R simultaneously on both controllers.
Higher Difficulty in 1P Mode
When starting a new game in 1P Vs. mode, highlight Hard on the difficulty select screen, hold U, R, and L, and press A.
Move Camera in Map View
While on the 1P Vs. mode map screen, hold Select and you will be able to move the camera around with the directional control.
Early Character Select in 1P Mode (From chelly)
After winning a match in 1P Vs. mode, hold X and Y until the map screen appears. You will be able to select any of the characters you've freed before you ever encounter the bosses.
Control Example Mode (From chelly)
Hold L and R while an example is running and you will be able to control the cursor.


Copyright © 1997/1998 Jay McGavren. All Rights Reserved.