Soldier Blade

System: TurboGrafx-16


Game Type: 2D overhead-view shooter
The standard overhead shooter formula, except that the options following you around can be used up to produce a brief super-powerful burst from your current weapon (acts like 3 different types of bombs). 3 weapon types, 3 power levels each.

Gameplay: 90/100
Pretty intense. You'll have all kinds of ships carrying all kinds of weapons thrown at you. Some sections force you to weave from one side of the screen to the other and back at high speed, and all of them chuck bullet after bullet at you. Your ship's movement rate is adjustable. In addition to the main game there is a speed mode with its own stage.

Graphics: 90/100
Huge battleships and bosses, and nifty-looking weapons and bombs. Although it doesn't look cartoony the graphics scream "this is a drawing, not a metal warship," which doesn't appeal to me, though others might like it. Still, it looks pretty polished, and I love the bright colors.

Sound: 70/100
Not especially compelling music, and the sound effects are decent but have no real oomph. Why the gratuitous sampled voices? Good but not great.

Overall: 85/100
A highly challenging shooter that offers a lot of variety. It's fun to play for score in speed mode, too. The bosses are incredible! Well worth checking out for shooter fans.


Stage Select
At the title screen hold U and press Select, hold D and press Select, hold L and press Select, hold R and press Select. Continue pressing Select and a stage select menu option should appear.


Copyright © 1997/1998 Jay McGavren. All Rights Reserved.