Street Fighter Zero 2

System: Playstation (Japanese)


Game Type: 2D Fighting
Latest in a series that a genre grew up around. Allows blocking in mid-jump, a power meter that allows hidden Super Combos to be executed when full, and the new Custom Combos: a free-form version of the super combo that lets the player choose their own moves to air-juggle an opponent.

Gameplay: 97/100
I won't bother saying much here because the game is arcade perfect. If you've played Street Fighter Alpha 2 in the arcades, you've played Street Fighter Zero 2 for the Playstation. (That's a good thing.) The quality of the conversion hasn't even changed much from SFA1. All the configuration options are still here, as is the nifty training mode. I am pleased to add that loading time has been reduced, not increased.

Graphics: 95/100
Okay, I do have one tentative complaint here. It seems to me like the animation is missing a frame or two. It doesn't detract in the least from the game, though, and you'll never spot the difference if you're not looking. Ah, at last, the backgrounds are of decent quality and number!

Sound: 90/100
Not astounding but very high quality. I had been dreading playing the import version with messed up music, but was pleased to discover the music is swap-friendly now. The remixes are great (except for Chun Li's, which they messed up bad). Voice samples are perfect.

Overall: 95/100
If you don't import this game or at least get the American version, don't presume to call yourself a fighting game fan. This game is everything Alpha 1 should have been and more. A fantastic selection of well-developed characters, tons of moves, the fearsome Custom Combos... If you do get the Japanese version, don't worry, you can get by later without the American. The only differences are changes in some character names, Japanese text for the story, and of course a slightly different title.


Play as Super Gouki/Akuma
At the character select screen, move the cursor to Gouki/Akuma. Press and continue to hold Select, press D, R, R, D, L, D, L, D, R, R, R, (the cursor will move around as you do this and eventually come back to rest on Gouki/Akuma). Press a button to choose your color and release Select. During the game you can throw two air fireballs at once.
Play as SF2 Chun Li
At the character sleect screen, move the cursor to Chun Li. Hold Select for 5 seconds, press a button to choose your color, and release Select. Chun Li will be wearing her outfit from Street Fighter 2 for the entire match. While using this code her fireball must be done the old way (charge B 2 seconds, F, P).

Game Shark Codes

From Datel's Web site (
Credited to yuraysan:
80197C58 0090 Player 1 infinite HP
80197FEC 0090 Player 2 infinite HP
80197CC2 0090 Player 1 always at Power Level 3
80198056 0090 Player 2 always at Power Level 3
80197C40 0000 Player 1 can do special moves in mid-air
80197FD4 0000 Player 2 can do special moves in mid-air
Credited to paladin:
80197CA2 1400 Super Gouki accessible
80197E9E 0000 Infinite time for Original Combos


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