Ridge Racer Revolution

System: Playstation (Japanese)


Game Type: 3D racing
Realtime rendered polygon racecars on a polygon track. Not overly obsessed with realism but your cars can't fire missiles or anything like that.

Gameplay: 90/100
Basically if you've played the first you've played this. The controls are extremely tight, which is great unless you're looking for a racer where the cars handle realistically (not that I am). I don't think I've fishtailed once yet. Can't say how it is with an analog controller because I don't own one, for now. Pretty playable nonetheless. The newly added rearview mirror lets you block opponents coming from behind. There is still only one big track, with extensions added onto it for the different levels. The levels differ more from each other than they did in the first, though.

Graphics: 90/100
Not bad, but I had been hoping for an improvement over the first Ridge Racer, and I don't see one. I suppose the rearview mirror is to blame. The stretch along the beach on the Novice level is beautiful!

Sound: 50/100
No improvement. The techno music is the right idea, but now Namco needs to find an artist with some actual talent. The copilot's voice is even more annoying now, and though you can adjust his volume down it means losing the other sound effects as well. "Ha, ha, you're too slow!" Grrrr....

Overall: 90/100
My hopes for a vast improvement over the original were disappointed. The game is solid, and I would love it if it had a couple more tracks. Still, RRR blows away all the other "realistic" driving games on the market. Those who own the first should only consider this if they're sick of seeing the same old track, though.


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