Pipe Dream

System: NES


Game Type: Puzzle
Place pieces of pipe onto a grid and try to keep them connected together. Slow moving liquid oozes through the pipes as you go, and if it reaches a break in the pipe, it spills and the round is over.

Gameplay: 95/100
A close second to Klax for the puzzle games I find most addictive. You won't even think about the controls while playing, a sure sign that they're well designed. (The crosspad and one button are all you'll use, anyway.) The concept is cool, too. You start out leisurely placing pieces, trying to rack up points by making loop within loop and using the permanent pieces strewn about the board. Once the liquid is flowing, though, you'll find yourself frantically trying to fit pieces into the tiny remaining space with the fluid just behind where you're working. As new pieces and obstacles are introduced the game gets more varied and more difficult.

Graphics: 30/100
Mediocre but they get the job done. This game is not about eye candy.

Sound: 70/100
Pipe Dream doesn't need fancy sound effects just like it doesn't need fancy graphics. You have three excellent tunes to choose from while you play, though, or you can turn the music off.

Overall: 95/100
If it wasn't made clear above, this game isn't an audiovisual feast. Its only hook is that the game itself is highly addictive. Puzzle fans will find it a pleasant departure from the slew of Tetris clones. Good luck finding a copy, though, it took me months.


Copyright © 1997/1998 Jay McGavren. All Rights Reserved.