Great Battle III

System: Super Famicom


Game Type: Depth Movement Brawler
A typical Double Dragon clone with atypical stars. Supports two players simultaneously.

Gameplay: 50/100
Average. Allows dashing and dash attacks but not much more variety. Four characters to choose from but their styles don't vary much. Plenty of pits to knock enemies into. Different stages offer some degree of variety but overall the game can get monotonous. Allowing 2 players helps a bit.

Graphics: 70/100
Cutesy and colorful. The characters are all super deformed, so those with no tolerance for kawaii (cute) games should steer clear. The backgrounds look good. A bit of scaling here, a spotlight there, but no fancy graphic effects.

Sound: 50/100
Again, merely average. Cute little squeaks and shouts, not for those with weak stomachs. No bass to speak of.

Overall: 50/100
Although the game seems pretty long it didn't keep my interest long enough to play through the whole thing. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a game that is pedigree Japanese, but others should stay away.


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