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Rage Games has been around in one form or another since 1996 - first as the game reviews section of my personal Website, then as its own entity on a different site, and finally here in its current home on ClassicGaming.Com.

Its emphasis has shifted away from game reviews over the years and now focuses primarily on game hacking - ROM modifcation, Game Shark/Game Genie codes, and hacking utilities. Rage Games has produced several hacks for various NES games ranging from simple graphic modifications to sweeping full-game edits, all available for download here. Information about the innards of various ROMs and save states can be found in the Game Hackers' Database. And we maintain sizable lists of amateur-produced Game Genie and Game Shark codes (many developed in-house).

RG isn't purely hacking, though - two of our most popular features are the Bizzarre Game Quotes List and the Solder-Free Game Repairs section. There's a lot more to the site than I can readily list here - go explore and find out for yourself!

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