"Our host got up and like a cock aroused us..."
-Prologue, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (As translated by W. W. Skeat)

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Last Update: 15may98

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I finally went to take care of the backlog of submissions for the bizarre quotes list tonight, and was astounded just how many there were. But it's all caught up now. Even if you've read the list before, go see it again, as there's lots more to be confounded by.

I've also made a long-overdue update to the game hackers' database. There's still a little more to add there, though, and I also want to make some cosmetic changes to it, which should happen next week. Thanks to the patient tutorship of Quor, there may even be some new Game Genie-esque edits there for novice hackers. Till next time...

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