And so I continue my ascent toward the sun... I ask only that the wax on my wings last a bit longer...
The newly released Metroid X, RG's magnum opus. Download the patch now!

Last Update: 12.12.1999

It experienced the usual plethora of delays, but RG's first spinoff site, Whazzat?!, is at last up and running... For right now it houses only RG's former bizarre quotes section, but later I hope to add weird graphics, odd sounds, and other unusual gaming media... If you followed the quotes section in the past, there are a ton of new items, so get over there and check it out. (And come back often, updates are now 100% automated so there will be new quotes weekly at least.)

With that strange appendage amputated, RG will be focused more than ever on console game hacking. The first order of business will be to duplicate Whazzat?!'s level of automation in the Hackers' Database - that will mean better organization and of course more updates. I'll be realistic this time though... this is not "coming soon"; it may be a couple months before I even get started. Meanwhile, however, I have dusted off the Rygar hack, and I may even attempt a Mega Man hack in the near future. You all know the pace I work at by now, so don't cancel your winter break plans, but do watch this space for more info...


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